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Dimodelo Architect Introduction

An introduction to Dimodelo Architect, a Data Warehouse Automation and Agile Data Warehouse development tool

Create an Employee Dimension using Dimodelo Architect

This video demonstrates using Dimodelo Architect to design, generate and execute an Employee dimension. It also explains the generated SSIS and DDL code.


Defining Derived Staging tables, Parent Child Hierarchies and Role Play dimensions

In this video we demonstrate using Dimodelo Architect to define derived (or transform) layer staging tables, how to define a parent child hierarchy in a Dimension, how to use multiple staging tables from different source systems as the source of facts and dimensions, how to associate facts with dimensions and add role play dimensions.


Create a basic Staging table using Dimodelo Architect

Use Dimodelo Architect to define a basic staging table using a table as a source and and the full extract pattern.