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SSAS Documentation Generator


This script will generate a Data Dictionary for an SSAS Cube. The Data Dictionary is output in HTML, with links between entities. You can modify the style of the HTML to suit your requirements.

The script demonstrates the type of code/documentation generation Dimodelo Architect is capable of producing. Dimodelo Architect is an Data Warehouse Automation tool for the Microsoft platform. Using Dimodelo Architect you can Design, Generate, Deploy and Execute a Data Warehouse.


First you need to add descriptions to the Measure Groups, Measures, Dimensions and Attributes in your Cube project. You do this by entering your descriptions into the description property of each entity you want documented. If you don’t want to document a Measure Group or Dimension, just leave its description blank and it will be skipped.

  1. Register and Download the script (see below).
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Edit the data_dictionary_cube.bat. Where the script refers to E:\DM\trunk\Cube\Cube.dwproj, change this to the path to the project file of your SSAS project. If your path contains spaces, make sure you wrap the path in double quotes. E.g. “E:\DM\trunk\Cube\Cube.dwproj”.
  4. Execute the data_dictionary_cube.bat file. The resulting Data_Dictionary_Cube.html contains the Cube documentation.


Calculated Measures: You can also produce documentation for calculated measures by adding descriptions to calculated measures. To do this, you need to download and install the very handy BIDS Helper Visual Studio add in. Use the Calculation Properties icon BIDS Helper adds to the tool bar of the SSAS Project Calculations tab to edit the description property for Calculated Measures.

Style: You can modify the style by editing the inline style in the Data_Dictionary_Cube_Msr_Part_A.xslt. You could change this to reference a style sheet, but you will also need to change the references to the style class elements in the xslt.

SSAS Documentation Generator Support

If you have any problems submit a query to our support knowledge base and we will get back to you.


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