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Dimodelo Architect Pricing and Plans


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  • 1 licence of Dimodelo Architect
  • 1 server licence
  • Email + Online + Forum Support
  • Annual Subscription or Perpetual License
  • Best for 1-2 Developer teams
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If you are a BI Consultancy we offer a special licencing arrangement. The consulting licence consists of a discounted Dimodelo Architect licence plus a per client site licence. This allows consultants to keep upfront costs low. Visit our partner page for more information about partnering with Dimodelo Solutions.


If you are a SaaS or OEM software provider we offer a special licencing arrangement. Please contact sales for more information if you are interested in using Dimodelo Architect to develop a BI offering for your SaaS or OEM software.


Can I use the Annual/Developer/Enterprise licence to develop data warehouses for more than one company?

These licences are per site. A site being a company that shares a domain name. You can create multiple data warehouses at that site. If you want to develop data warehouses for multiple clients then we suggest the Consulting licence. The Consulting licence has been designed to make it easy for BI consultancies to use Dimodelo Architect.

What is the Server Component?

Dimodelo Architect consist of 2 components:

  1. The Dimodelo Architect development tool that is installed on a developer’s PC.
  2. A server component. The server component is required to run the SSIS packages that are generated by Dimodelo Architect on a server. The server component orchestrates the batch and logs the batch execution.
Can I buy additional Server Licences?

Yes. There is a relatively small cost for an additional server license.

What if I want to stop using Dimodelo Architect?

Dimodelo Architect produces standard SSIS and TSQL objects. If you choose to stop using Dimodelo Architect, you can continue to develop and maintain the Data Warehouse and SSIS packages manually, outside the Dimodelo Architect development environment. It’s risk free.

What if my Subscription expires?

If you have a subscription and you subscription expires, you will not be able to use Dimodelo Architect to further develop or maintain your Data Warehouse design or code. The server component under a subscription licence is also subject to expiry. If you wish to continue to use the server component to run your ETL batches, you will need to buy a separate Server perpetual licence. Alternatively you can orchestrate the ETL batch through other means (e.g. Master SSIS package or SQL Server Agent job).

Is there annual maintenance on Perpetual licences?

If you have a Perpetual licence, the licences for both Dimodelo Architect and the Server are perpetual, and never expire. The first year of annual maintenance is included in the purchase price. This entitles the buyer to support and minor and major upgrades during that year. You can choose to buy annual maintenance in subsequent years and be entitled to support and upgrades. Annual maintenance is 20% of the purchase price.