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Legal Aid Qld Case Study

The Challenge

Legal Aid Queensland provides legal help to financially disadvantaged Queenslanders. They provide litigation and dispute resolution services via an in-house legal practice and network of preferred supplier law firms from around the state, to maximise legal services available to disadvantaged Queenslanders. LAQ needed to improve the efficiency and reliability of its reporting infrastructure and improve its ability to deliver insights into their In-house legal practice, Grants, Income and Expenditure and Government mandated reporting.

The Solution

Legal Aid Queensland built a business intelligence solution supporting 7 business areas including legal case work, legal advice, duty lawyer, conferencing, time recording, lawyer income, financial provisioning and payroll. Legal Aid built a data warehouse using Dimodelo Architect. The data warehouse was built with 28 Dimension and 20 Facts in just 79 days. The effort included gathering requirements, installing and configuring an SQL Server 2012/SharePoint environment, developing the Data Warehouse and ETL using Dimodelo Architect, creating a cube with many complex measures, data security, several reports, implementing the ETL workflow and deploying to a UAT and Production environments. Dimodelo Solutions were used to build the business intelligence solution and mentored 2 data analysts throughout the development process providing hands on training and helping them become self-sufficient.

Staging Tables




Legal Aid Qld can now:


In-house Legal Team Performance

Understand how the legal team is performing against target on key measures related to Case Work, Conferencing, Duty Lawyer and Legal Advice.

Improve Grants Efficiency

Provide feedback to Grants officers, balancing efficiency measures with quality measures to deliver the right outcome for the community and clients.

Income and Expenditure and Provisioning

Build a detailed provisioning model into daily processing to automate provisioning and understand provisioning requirements on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis.

The Results Were Amazing

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