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Deaf Services Lottery Case Study

The Challenge

Deaf Service Lottery runs 7 lotteries per year. Each lottery has a prize value of $500k+. Direct marketing is becoming increasing competitive with more complex and varied interactions with potential clients and customers. What has worked in the past, may not work in the future and marketers are turning to more sophisticated data mining and machine learning techniques to maintain and increase profitability.

Deaf Services Lottery needed to improve their insights into marketing campaign performance, campaign targeting, call centre performance and demographics and trends. They had cumbersome and inefficient reporting processes that had analysts rangling data rather than analyzing it.

The Solution

Deaf Services Lottery built a data warehouse using Dimodelo Architect. Data is extracted from their Lottery management system, CRM, and PABX on a nightly basis and loaded into the data warehouse. The sales information is used to construct complex customer status balances including RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) categorization. This along with customer demographics is used to better target campaigns and derive daily sales projections.

Dimodelo Solutions continues to work with the Deaf Services Lottery to incrementally enhance their data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution.

Staging Tables




Deaf Services Lottery can now:


Improve the productivity of staff

Very quickly develop new business analyse on demand.

Improve Campaign targeting

Use the data warehouse as the source for predictive analytics related to customer propensity to buy, lapse, attrite etc.

Timely Performance measures and KPIs

Provide Board reports on key performance indicators related to lottery profitability and the drivers of profitability.

The Results Were Amazing

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