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Free Data Warehouse Bus Matrix Project Planning Tool

Use this free “Data Warehouse Bus Matrix” project planning tool to design, estimate and communicate your Data Warehouse project plan.



Data Warehouse High Level Design

Input Facts & Dimensions, relationships and complexity.

Business Intelligence Work Breakdown Structure

Includes an example Business Intelligence Project Work Breakdown Structure with generated costing.


Estimates your Data Warehouse Project

Generates an accurate estimate of Data Warehouse build time.


Compare Data Warehouse Automation vs Manual Approach

Generate dual estimates including an estimate using Data Warehouse Automation tools.

Use the Data Warehouse Bus Matrix spreadsheet to map out the Data Warehouse high level design, estimate the project, and communicate the plan and progress with stakeholders.

To use the spread sheet simply:

  • Input your Facts and Dimensions and their relationships.
  • Classify each Fact and Dimension with a complexity category.
  • Define the estimate for each complexity category.

The spread sheet estimates the overall Data Warehouse project. Instructions are included.

An example Business Intelligence Project Work Breakdown Structure is included. The Work Breakdown Structure uses the estimates from the Data Warehouse Bus Matrix as input.

Ralph Kimball described the Data Warehouse Bus Matrix as the central theme of his Enterprise Data Warehouse Bus Architecture. It is used extensively on Data Warehouse projects today.

Download Data Warehouse Bus Matrix Template