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What we Do

We excel at Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Data Management. Our customers trust us to deliver end to end solutions, from data to insight, and to manage those solutions on a daily basis.


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Why Us

Our unique investment in developing data management automation tools ensure we maximize your ROI, and allow you to adapt fast in a competitive world.  This ability is unique, no one else can deliver sustainable and robust BI solutions faster than us.

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How We Do It

We follow agile and collaborative processes built on experience, designed to deliver early and often. Our methodology delivers high quality results with integrity and transparency. Our consultants are professionals with passion and experience. We back our consultants with ongoing professional development and training.

We Can Help You

  • Implement BI & Data Warehouses.
  • Deliver corporate strategy.
  • Analyse problems.
  • Find opportunities.
  • Understand trends.
  • Make your employees more productive.
  • Monitor Objectives and KPIs.
  • Reduce reliance on key individuals.
  • Work from a single version of the truth.

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What We Do

Insight Practice


Performance Management

Analytics & reporting

Self Service BI

Predictive Analytics

Operational Reporting

Management Reporting

Business Intelligence


Data Practice


Data Warehousing

Data Integration

Data Migration

Big Data

Cloud deployment

Master Data Management

Data Quality




Microsoft SQL Server –

Database, Analysis Services, Reporting Services,Integration Services.

Microsoft Azure –

Databases, Service Bus, Machine Learning, HDInsight.

Business Intelligence –

Sharepoint, PowerBI, PowerView, PowerPivot, Excel.


Industry Solutions

Legal Aid



Health Care



Sales and Marketing