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Data Warehouse Automation

Design and Build a Data Warehouse Fast!

Dimodelo Architect captures your Data Warehouse design, generates the code, handles deployment, and runs the ETL. BI professionals stay focused on delivering valuable and impressive Reporting and Analytics… instead of being stuck in Data Warehouse code.
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Watch us design and build a Data Warehouse in less than 10 minutes!

Success Stories

Learn how RSL Care built an HR Data Warehouse in just 29 days.

Legal Aid Qld's Data Analysts build and maintain their own data warehouse using Dimodelo Architect.

Dimodelo Solutions helped the Deaf Lottery improve campaign targeting.

Hans Smallgoods reduced development time and costs.

"In a matter of 1 hour, I have been able to use Dimodelo to perform the transformations and additional metrics I wanted, deployed and tested in UAT. This would have taken me the best part of 2 days traditionally..."

- Nigel Rablin. Business Intelligence Specialist

Build a Data Warehouse… Fast

Dimodelo Architect dramatically reduces the effort required to design, build, deploy and run a Data Warehouse. Deliver the benefits of a data warehouse at the speed of delivering a self-service BI solution.

How Fast

In real life implementations we are averaging 6.4 hours per dimension/fact. That’s designed, built, tested, scheduled and deployed to production.

But it’s not all about speed … it’s about quality and agility too!


Dimodelo Architect is truly agile

Make a design change…

Change automatically propagates throughout solution

  Re-generate code

One click deployment to Test

Done in 5 minutes…

(get a coffee, read the news)

Be Agile

“Software applications developed through the agile process have three times the success rate of the traditional waterfall method…”

Standish CHAOS Report 2011.
Dimodelo is Agile

Dimodelo Architect is an agile Data Warehouse development tool . Respond to change and iterate quickly through releases. In the end, it’s all about staying focused on delivering value to the business…

Stay focused on Reporting and Analytics… not lost in code
  • Design logical models instead of physical models.
  • ETLDefine data mappings and select ETL patterns instead of coding SSIS packages.
  • Generate the Staging and Data Warehouse database synchronization code, instead of writing manual scripts.
  • One click deployment instead of lengthy, error prone deployment routines.
  • Simplified ETL batch workflow configuration. No more master SSIS packages.
  • Inbuilt batch execution, logging and management framework.
Free 30 day Trial TODAY!
Concentrate your efforts on empowering the business with impressive Reporting and Analytics. Stay focused on business requirements and design, not lost in code.

Introducing Dimodelo Architect

Watch us design and build a Data Warehouse in less than 10 minutes… Seriously!

Dimodelo Architect is a Data Warehouse Automation tool for the Microsoft platform. Use Dimodelo Architect to design, generate, deploy and run a Data Warehouse. Dimodelo Architect captures your entire Data Warehouse design in a single Visual Studio project, then generates the staging and data warehouse databases, and high performance, industry best practice SSIS Packages. Dimodelo Architect manages the deployment of the solution to a server, and the execution of ETL batches. Free 30 day trial Today >>

Existing Data Warehouse? Extend or Redesign
If you already have a Data Warehouse, Dimodelo Architect can help you leverage your existing investment. You have a choice to either extend your existing data warehouse, or quickly migrate it to Dimodelo Architect and redesign.

To redesign

You can import your existing data warehouse schema into a new Dimodelo Architect project, and then quickly define ETL to migrate the existing data.

To extend

To extend, you can create a new Dimodelo Architect project, design new facts and dimensions, and associate new facts to existing dimensions in an existing data warehouse i.e. conformed dimensions. Deploy the new data warehouse tables to the existing data warehouse database, or a new database. Combine the two data warehouses in the SSAS/Tabular data source view. Orchestrate existing SSIS packages in a new ETL batch managed by Dimodelo Architect.

  • Please contact us to discuss your current requirements. We can recommend an approach to get the best leverage from your existing investment.

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