Dimodelo Architect is a sophisticated Data Warehouse design tool that will generate a Data Warehouse and all its code directly from the design. Just design, then generate. No coding required. Perfect for agile projects that need to deliver business insight fast.

Design - Generate - Deploy

Dimodelo Architect is a Data Warehouse development tool that redefines the typical
design - build - deploy development lifecycle, replacing the costly, time consuming and inflexible build phase with a state of the art tool that generates both the Data Warehouse databases and Extract Transform and Load (ETL) code. Dimodelo Architect even generates documentation, keeping everyone in the loop.

Business Insight Fast

Dimodelo Architect helps Data Warehouse development teams deliver valuable insight to the business faster, and quickly respond to changing needs.

Use Dimodelo Architect to quickly prototype a Data Warehouse in a matter of hours. Deploy to a 'sandpit' and engage with users to get feedback on what they want and need. Easily modify the solution, and work through multiple iterations till its ready to go live.

Project Continuity

Dimodelo Architect instills best practice into its generation patterns. This patterns based approach ensures consistent design is applied, and  continuity is maintained across resources and projects. Dimodelo Architect also allows senior Data Warehouse developers to create their own code patterns and standards.

Developer Familiarity

Dimodelo Architect is built on Visual Studio 2010, the same environment Microsoft BI development tools use. Dimodelo Architect provides an environment to quickly design Data Warehouse Star Schemas, Source Systems, Staging tables and ETL processes. The design is then used to generate the Data Warehouse databases (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above) and ETL (SQL Server Integration Services - SSIS). Dimodelo Architect even deploys the databases and ETL to a Server, and provides a Utility to execute a batch.

Extensible Architecture

Dimodelo Architect is extensible and flexible, able to meet the demands of seasoned Data Warehouse Developers familiar with Kimball design, tips, tricks and techniques. Developers can create their own code generation templates using the ezAPI SSIS package generation API built by the Microsoft SSIS team. Dimodelo Architect can also capture custom meta data to be used in custom generation templates.

Project AgilE

Dimodelo Architect is designed for Agile Data Warehouse development and Data Driven Design. Dimodelo Architect is perfect for Data Warehouse projects using the Agile development methodology. It's design - generate - deploy approach allows developers to quickly make changes, and then simply regenerate the entire solution.

Use Dimodelo Architect to engage with users and get feedback on what they want and need. Easily modify the solution, and work through multiple iterations till its ready to go live.


Dimodelo Architect is simple enough that technically minded Business Analysts, with some training and a basic understanding of Data Warehousing can use it.

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